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Slips and falls on wet, dry or oily surfaces are a major problem for commercial establishments and residences. Slip related injuries represent a surprisingly high percentage of work and home accidents. But they can be easily prevented with products designed to provide safe walking and working surfaces anywhere dusty, oily or wet environments create hazardous conditions.

Perm Grip Floor Safety is a distributor of No Skidding® slip resistant products in the Okanagan and Kelowna area. We supply a large range of products that increase the friction and decrease accidental slipping on all types of indoor and outdoor floors including:

  • tile floors
  • concrete slabs
  • pool decks & patios
  • stairs & walkways

We can also do natural stone floor sealing and provide epoxy coatings and sealers

There's a product for almost every application for both wet and dry areas, for commercial or residential. Products include a range of anti slip coatings, slip resistant safety tapes, anti slip treatments and slip resistant floor care products. For a complete list of the products we distribute, and descriptions, visit:

Perm Grip Floor Safety can provide fully trained and experienced applicators and a complete maintenance program to suit your specific needs.

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